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The Backstory Of Andy's Dad From 'Toy Story' Is So Sad

It's one of the biggest mysteries in the "Toy Story" universe:  Where is Andy's dad?  Well, there might finally be an answer:  He's DEAD.  That's the short version.  The long version is REALLY long, but I'll try to boil it down for you.

A guy who designs and reviews toys by the name of Mike Mozart claims that "Toy Story" co-writer Joe Ranft once gave him the full-on backstory.  It turns out Andy's dad was Woody's original owner, and HIS name was Andy, too.

As a child, he got polio and lost the use of his legs.  As his parents were getting ready to put Andy Sr. in the hospital, they took all his stuff and put it out in the yard to BURN IT, because it could be contaminated.

But he CRAWLED out there and rescued Woody, Mr. Potato Head and Slinky Dog.  He hid them in a trunk in the attic and told them to "go to sleep" for a while.

 Well, Andy Sr. recovered from polio, grew up, got married, and had a son... the Andy from the "Toy Story" movies.  But while mom was pregnant with Andy Jr.'s little sister, Andy Sr. got sick again.

The family moved into Andy Sr.'s parents' house, and as Andy Sr. was dying, he called his son into his room, gave him the key to the trunk, and told him, quote, "You're gonna need a friend and I want you to have my best friend as a child."

This seems far-fetched, but it does fill in a few interesting plot holes.  For instance, in the house, there are pictures on the wall that look like they're of Andy.  Except in one he's wearing glasses.  Andy doesn't wear glasses.

In another picture, the kid is missing his two front teeth... but Andy hasn't lost his yet.  Supposedly, those are actually childhood pictures of Andy's DAD... which makes sense if they're living in Andy Sr.'s mother's house.

Also, that's why young Andy, his mom, and his sister are MOVING in the first movie... and why there's not much stuff in the moving truck.  It wasn't their house to begin with.

But one person is calling B.S. on this story . . . and it's somebody who should know:  Andrew Stanton, who also co-wrote the "Toy Story" movies.

He tweeted, quote, "Complete and utter fake news.  Everyone go back to your homes.  Nothing to see here, folks.  #Iwasthere"

And sadly, we may never know the truth, because the guy who supposedly told this story in the first place, Joe Ranft, is dead.