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This Man Says a Starbucks Mix-Up Made Him Poop Like Crazy In Hilarious Post

A man named Demit Strato left a scathing review for Starbucks on its main Facebook page after an alleged milk mix-up. 

According to Strato, he ordered a Venti iced coffee with soy milk, but later discovered that his soy milk was apparently regular milk.

His Facebook post said: ”I’ve pooped 11 times since the A.M.. My bottom hurts from all the wiping. Do you think I enjoy soy milk? Does anyone enjoy soy milk? Really? I don't order soy mill [sic] because I'm bored and want my drink order to sound fancy. I order soy milk so that my bottom doesnt blast fire for 4 hours."

The post exploded, generating over 59,000 comments and 139,000 likes as of yesterday afternoon.