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Britney Spears Mixes Up Ariana Grade For Selena Gomez

Britney Spears is once again suffering from foot-in-mouth disease after she got confused about which brunette pop star's concert was the site of a terrorist attack in which UK city last month. 

The mix-up took place while Spears was doing a phone interview with an Israeli news station this week. 

When asked if she was scared of an attack occurring at her July 1 concert in Tel Aviv like Grande's Manchester show was attacked in May, Spears replied, "Well I think, you know, in Israel, it's the same kind of thing that's going on in America, too. The thing with Rihan--I mean, um, Selena Gomez and stuff like that. I mean, well, that happened to her in London." 

Sure, Brit's mistake is "Outrageous," but something tells us it won't be "Toxic" to her fans.