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Chad Michael Murray Brings Out His Prince Charming Costume 13 Years Later

It's been 13 years since Prince Charming a.k.a Austin a.k.a. Chad Michael Murray stole the hearts of young girls everywhere.

If you remember 'A Cinderella Story,' you remember the mesmerizing and beautiful costume he wore when finally meeting Cinderella a.k.a. Sam a.k.a. Hillary Duff.

Just over this past weekend, he dusted off the iconic Prince Charming costume, grabbed his wife Sarah Roemer and took her to the prom... and the outfit... still fit!

They both got all fancied up and attended the prom at the Children's Hospital of Orange County.

The hospital wanted to give their patients a night of their lives and host a prom of their own because they missed out on theirs.

Murray was asked to join them as a special guest, and just like his romantic ways back in 2004, he still hasn't lost his touch.