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This Guy Figured Out How Much Coffee Was Consumed On Friends

The cast of Friends spent a lot of time at Central Perk throughout the show's 10 seasons. 

So which one of them drank the most coffee? Kit Lovelace went through all 236 episodes and tallied every cup of joe consumed by each Friend. 

He shared his findings on Twitter, concluding that Lisa Kudrow's Phoebe (227 cups) was the most hopped up, while Jennifer Aniston's Rachel (138 cups) drank the least java. 

Lovelace told The Huffington Post that he's not an obsessive fan of the show, but was merely frustrated that nobody had accurately tallied the cast's precise coffee consumption. 

Makes sense!

But Kit Lovelace didn't stop there!!!

They also discovered exactly how much each of the friends spent on coffee AND how much altogether.