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This Teen Photoshopped Ryan Reynolds Into Her Prom Photos

The revenge of a breakup went viral after Gabi Dunn decided to have a little fun with photoshop.

Dunn mentions that her and her boyfriend, Jeff Bright went through a pretty bad breakup just days after prom. So to help her move on from the pain, what better way to replace the anger with something delightful? She took her editing skills to the test and photoshopped the pictures of her ex with Deadpool star, Ryan Reynolds.

Over 20 thousand retweets and more than 143 thousand likes later, the pictures got ahold of Reynolds. He responded saying "We should photoshop me over his yearbook picture net. #DontMessWithGabi"

Gabi's ex didn't take Reynolds response so well and fired back saying "jokes on you now im not going to see deadpool 2, my 11$ is going to @KevinHart4real" 

Dunn mentions that although the breakup was hard, the twitter response from Reynolds made it more "enjoyable."