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Woman Apologizes For Ugly Bridesmaid Dresses & Friend Hilariously Responds

An Oklahoma woman was recently celebrating her 22nd wedding anniversary when she came across some photos from her special day. 

In a post on Facebook, author Tammy Sauer apologized to her bridesmaids for the dress she chose for them. 

After her Facebook post, Sauer received a message from one of her former bridesmaids, saying, “What do you mean sorry about the dresses? I wear mine all the time.”

She went around her home and took pictures of herself performing household chores, reading and even carrying tool bags in her bridesmaid’s dress. 

The post gained traction with people, who were clearly impressed with the bridesmaid’s creativity and support.

One person tweeted, “Above and beyond. Clearly the best bridesmaid of all time.” Another person tweeted, “So awesome. I want her to be my bridesmaid now.” 

Yet another person wrote, “Too funny. She’s definitely a keeper as far as friends go.”