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Couple Knocks Each Other Out Attempting To Do "Dirty Dancing" Lift

Meet Sharon and Andy Price, a newly-engaged couple from the U.K. that knocked each other out unconscious in a beer garden after attempting to recreate the iconic lift from the movie "Dirty Dancing." 

The couple has watched the movie over 30 times and were practicing the famous dance scene, in hopes they could perform it at their upcoming wedding. 

"It's fair to say it didn't go to plan," Sharon tells The Daily Mail. "When I ran at Andy he tried to lift me, but we just collided." 

The couple's feet were still entwined when they passed out and paramedics had to separate them. 

Sharon says that, understandably, the doctor laughed when he found out how the accident had occurred. 

"We were both badly bruised but we're alright now. I think we're going to go for a slow one for our first dance," she admits. One of the Prices' family members, who was unaware during the ordeal that the couple wasn't joking around, took several photos of the mishap that have since gone viral.