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Dad Receives News On His Fifth Daughter And The Reaction Is Hilarious

A Georgia dad went off the deep end and walked into a pool after finding out his wife is pregnant their fifth daughter.

The Batson family announced the gender of their fifth child on Facebook live using color coded cupcakes. 

After having four daughters in a row, Christine's husband, Josh, was openly hoping for blue icing in the middle of the cake for a boy.

As the girls chomp their way to the center of the cupcake, four-year-old Natalie announces, "It's a girl."  

Josh places his head in his hands, calmly gets up from the table and walks outside.

The family dog follows the 34-year-old dad until he reaches the pool and stops for a moment. He looked up to the heavens in dismay, and then screamed, "Why, God, why?" before falling in the pool. 

He floated face-down on the surface for a while, until the girls' mom said, "Five girls never killed anyone."