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SCAM ALERT: If a Package Shows Up On Your Doorstep, You Could Be Out $140

A package arrives, addressed to you, but you didn't order it.You write return to sender and give it to the postal service. 

But then - three months later - you get a notice from a collection agency saying you owe $139.97 for not returning the package in a timely manner.

That exact situation happened to a woman near Colorado Springs. The woman, a senior citizen, did everything right - she even got the authorities involved. Colorado Springs PD says to be aware of this scam, which is happening nationwide. 

On the consumer-run website Ripoff Report, the company that sent the package is listed at least 64 times in the past few months.TRS Limited LLC, the company that sends the package, has hit people in Seattle; Philadelphia; White House, Tennessee; Passadumkeag, Maine; Florida; New York; Georgia and California as well.

One person posted saying Tate & Kirlin Associates contacted them and another said CCB Credit Services did as well: both of those companies exist and are very real debt collection agencies.