Ingenious Woman Has Amazing and Simple Solution To Creepy Guy's Daily Texts

You might recognize Madison Iseman from her role on the CMT show Still the King, and like many women out there, she has to deal with creeps, but Madison came up with an incredible way to handle one guy who kept texting her even though she never responded to him. 

Madison explained on Twitter, "Gave a random guy my number one night with the intention of never responding. Got creepy so I changed his name God for a daily encouragement." She posted screenshots of what that looked like and it turns out that when they're coming from God, the weirdo's texts became pretty inspirational:

Everyone seemed to love Madison's idea but since this is the internet, there are always some haters. However, she had a response for them too. 

Excuse us while we go change some names in our contacts now. 

Photo Credit: Getty