This Woman Built Side Hustle Helping People Get Revenge on Internet Trolls


Troll Cakes, a NYC-based startup that sends internet trolls a cake decorated with their mean words.30-year-old Kat Thek started the business in April this year. 

Customers send in their troll comments, and then she bakes a cake decorated with the quote and mails it to the troll. Don't know where your internet bully lives? No problem. 

For an additional fee, she'll even track down the person's address. Thek classifies Troll Cakes as part bakery and part detective agency.She admits, "I love the idea of somebody opening it and thinking, 'Oh, boy. I'm a jerk. I'm going to eat this whole cake".

She notes, while the cakes are edible, they are novelty items.Prices range from $30 to $60, depending on the service. 

The most expensive option includes Thek's detective work (with the caveat that not all cases will be accepted), and the cheapest is the "Tiny Hands Special," a cake with the customer's preferred Trump tweet that gets sent to the White House. 

In total, Thek has sent five to Trump, but isn't sure what happens once they're received (the White House did not respond to Inc.'s request for comment).


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