Lost Engagement Ring Found Decade Later Wrapped Around Carrot

An 84-year-old grandmother has been reunited with her missing engagement ring after 13 years. 

Mary Grams from Alberta, Canada said that she thinks she was weeding her garden in 2004 when she lost her diamond ring. But this week, the woman's daughter-in-law found the missing bling while she was pulling up carrots on the family farm. 

Mary has had the ring since 1951, a year before she married her husband, Norman. When she lost it years ago, she kept it a secret.   She thought her husband would 'give her heck' for losing the diamond, so she went out and bought a replacement. 

Her daughter-in-law found the ring when she plucked a carrot from the garden and saw it wrapped around the root vegetable.The discovery was bittersweet, because the woman’s husband died five years ago, a month after the couple's 60th wedding anniversary.

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