Netflix Develops Weed Strains Inspired By Their Original Series


Netflix debuted their new show starring Kathy Bates called "Disjointed" on Friday. In the show Kathy runs a marijuana dispensary in Southern California. 

Along with the show's launch came new marijuana strains inspired by 10 of its shows. The "Netflix Collection" consists of 12 different types of weed in branded glass jars. "Disjointed" gets three varieties all to itself: the Omega Strain, Eve's Bush, and Rutherford B. Haze. 

Other Netflix series that earned their own cannabis add-on include "BoJack Horseman" (which inspired the Prickly Muffin), "Arrested Development" (Banana Stand Kush), and "Orange Is the New Black" (Poussey Riot).

The Netflix-tied marijuana was rolled out at a pop-up dispensary in West Hollywood.Netflix says it didn't make money off the pot sales, it was for PR purposes only.

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