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WATCH: Kristen Bell Gives Live Update on Jimmy Kimmel From Orlando

On Monday's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kristen Bell gave a live update from Orlando, where she was shooting a movie and left stranded by Hurricane Irma. 

When two big groups of nursing-home residents were evacuated and moved into her hotel, Bell decided to make the best of the situation by playing bingo with them, dining with them and even finding a "side piece" in a World War II veteran named John.

"We’re all safe and sound here, making the most of a crazy situation," Bell announced. 

"Everybody’s fine, we’ve gotten through it really well." Her friend John seemed to be doing particularly well, boasting that he was "swarmed under with beautiful women." 

Bell then admitted to Kimmel that John thought he was speaking to Johnny Carson. 

"I told him you were Johnny Carson because he didn't know who you were," she admitted.