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"Friday" Singer Rebecca Black Drops Debut Album

Rebecca Black, the teen singer whose 2011 song "Friday" became a target of brutal online mockery, has released her debut album. 

RE/BL, appropriately enough, dropped on Friday. A press release accompanying the album doesn't sugarcoat Black's rise to fame.

"Black, then a 13-year-old, eighth-grade student, was thrust into a media maelstrom after a novelty music video her mother paid to have produced as a gift was uploaded to YouTube and went viral, turning the song--and her name--into a national punchline," the press release says, according to Billboard. 

The release says that after the ridicule, Black withdrew from the public's eye, then set up a YouTube channel with 1.5 million subscribers. 

The video to her first single "Heart Full of Scars" is dedicated to her YouTube fans.