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High School Student Shoots Senior Photos At McDonald's & We're Lovin' It!

A Mississippi high school senior has decided to shoot her senior pictures at her local McDonald’s restaurant.

17-year-old Mikayla Cleckler took pictures in several different poses and set-ups, all involving the best that McDonald’s has to offer: french fries, large sodas and buttermilk chicken sandwiches.

Her cousin took the images, and said, “She is OBSESSED with their Buttermilk Chicken Sandwiches and just knowing the type of person she is, we wouldn’t be doing the world justice if we didn’t incorporate a little humor.”

They also took “normal” senior photos as well, but the shots of Cleckler laughing and looking extremely happy while holding a chicken sandwich have gone viral.

She was also seen casually lying outside a McDonald’s, sipping on her drink in one shot. In another photo, she posed with a McDonald’s worker in the drive-thru window.