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Photographer Captures Canadian Groom Save Drowning Boy On His Wedding Day

A groom in Kitchener, Ontario, is being hailed as a hero after he interrupted his own wedding day to rescue a drowning boy from a river in a local park. 

Clayton Cook and his wife Brittany Ross Cook were posing for pictures on Friday when they noticed the boy appeared to be drowning in Victoria Park. 

That's when Clayton immediately jumped into the water--while wearing his three-piece wedding suit--to scoop the boy up and put him safely back on land. 

"The kid was underwater on his back. He ingested water and there was mucus coming out of his nose," says wedding photographer Darren Hatt, whose pics of the daring rescue are going viral. 

Minutes after his lifesaving maneuvers, Cook arrived at his reception soaking wet and was greeted with a hero's welcome.