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Season 2 Premiere Of 'This Is Us€'™ Gives A Major Clue About Jack'€™s Death

On Tuesday night’s season two premiere of This Is Us, more details about the death of Milo Ventimiglia’s character Jack were revealed. 

The big hints were dropped at the end of the episode, when Rebecca (Mandy Moore) went to meet estranged husband Jack at his friend Miguel’s during their temporary separation. 

While Rebecca revealed she was ready to fight for their marriage, Jack confessed he was an alcoholic and needed to treat his addiction before returning home. 

Rebecca ultimately decided to take her drunk husband home so they could fix his problem together. 

The scene then flashed to the night of Jack’s death, in which Rebecca is seen driving up to what is left of a burned-down house and crying hysterically. 

This Is Us fans were not prepared emotionally for this one.