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WATCH: Woman Dragged Off Southwest Flight Over Dog Allergy

A woman said she was forcibly removed from a Southwest Airlines flight in Baltimore after claiming she had a life-threatening pet allergy.

While boarding the plane, the woman told airline staff she had a pet allergy after seeing two dogs get on the plane. She asked the animals be removed and she be able to stay on the plane because her father was having surgery.

The woman was denied because the staff said she didn’t have anything to prove her allergy. Airline staff then asked her to exit the plane several times, but she refused.

Two officers were then called and removed the woman from the plane. She kept yelling at the officers, “don’t touch me” and they “ripped my pants”.

Southwest Airlines said if a customer doesn’t have a medical certificate, they can be denied boarding a plane if they don’t report a life-threatening allergic reaction and can’t travel safely with animals onboard.