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Guy Sends Awesome Cover Letter To Tinder Girl Looking For Skydiving Date

When 19-year-old Emma Vowell from Indianapolis got dumped by her boyfriend, she was left with two tickets to go skydiving that she'd bought for his birthday. 

The Purdue University student took to Tinder to share her predicament and find a new (and purely platonic) date for the adventure. That's when a hunk named 22-year-old Austin Bates stepped in and sent her a cover letter. 

"Dear Ms. Emma, I recently saw your advertisement on the dating application Tinder and am very interested in filling the position you had listed," he wrote. 

Bates went on to offer Vowell a week of free rides in his doorless Jeep and said she could walk his dog whenever she wanted. 

Vowell shared a screenshot of Bates' cover letter on Twitter and it quickly went viral. 

After users encouraged her to give the extra skydiving ticket to Bates, the two met up in person. Both parties told BuzzFeed that they expect to be "great friends" and look forward to skydiving together.

TInder loved this encounter so much they offered Emma a job!