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WATCH: Will & Grace Highlight & Explains Away Its Unpopular Series Finale

Will & Grace kicked off its revival last night by shutting down its unpopular series finale which aired 11 years ago.

The 2006 episode had staged a huge time-jump and revealed that BFFs Will and Grace hadn't spoken for 20 years. They reunited when their respective children moved into the same dorm at college. 

Despite all of this, last night's premiere showed Will and Grace still living together sans children. Karen addressed the situation by declaring, "I had the craziest dream... Will was living with a swarthy man in uniform and Grace was married to a Jew doctor." 

When Will responded, "Well, we were, but we're single now," Karen concurred, "That tracks." 

When she went on to inquire about the children they had, Will told her that never happened.

 "Oh, what a relief," Karen replied. "Nobody wants to see you two raise kids."