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Dad Lets 3-Year-Old Daughter Pick Outfit For Picture Day & It's Adorable

Picture Day can be a stressful day for some but not for 3-year-old Kaylieann. 

This time last year when picking out an outfit for school pictures her dad let her choose whatever she wanted to wear. 

Being a huge superhero fan the choice was clear for Kaylieann who decided she was going to be Supergirl and bring her sidekick Superman action figure with her to be in the photo as well. 

“On picture day at school she was given the choice of outfits, none of which were Supergirl,” Kaylieann’s dad, Austin Steinbach, told ABC News. “She walked up, looked over each of her choices, turned and said, ‘POOTERGIRL!’ And well, I couldn't argue with that answer.”

The best part is that Kaylieann loves all superheroes “because they are helpers,” her dad explained.

“She loves helping anyone, and that's how she sees her superheroes, so she fits right in with them,” he added.

Kaylieann is a superhero and a fighter in her own life well as she has fought through the adversity of having massive hearing loss in both of her hears. 

”She has always loved ‘pooterman/pootergirl’ as she has profound hearing loss in both ears and cannot hear ‘S's,’” said Austin.

“But during September we went to the San Francisco Comic Con and she went as Supergirl to that and refused to take off her costume since. Eventually, it was replaced with a Spider-Man one so I could wash the Supergirl.”