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Vodka-Infused Ice Cream Is A Thing Because Why Not?!

Whatever is going on in your life you know a little bit of alcohol and ice cream can fix just about anything. 

How about if the two were combined in one container?! 

Well, look no further because ice cream company, Arctic Buzz, has created a vodka infused ice cream that may actually get you buzzed!

Arctic Buzz has been trying to put vodka in a dessert for a long time, "If you have ever put a bottle of vodka in the freezer, you know the vodka wins every time" noted the company because vodka can't fully freeze.

After some experimenting and tastings, Arctic Buzz was born. 

The company has 6 flavors and contains about 8.7 percent alcohol in each little tub which is MUCH higher than its competitor Haagen-Dazs alcohol-infused ice cream which contains less than one percent. 

Where can you get our hands on this stuff? It is currently only being sold in bars and liquor stores in Maryland. 

Seems like it's worth the trip!