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Harry Potter Freakshakes Are A Thing & We Literally Cannot Handle It!

The Beehive Cafe in Bristol has created signature milkshakes called 'freakshakes'. 

These milkshakes are HUGE topped with doughnuts, whipped cream, and chocolate bars. 

They recently just rolled out with their newest creation, the Harry Potter freakshake and it has taken Bristol by storm regardless of if they are a fan of the Harry Potter movies or not!

This glorious creation consists of a "Butterbeer flavored thick milkshake, a Dobby doughnut, whipped cream, butterscotch pieces, a magical chocolate frog, flavored beans, a coin, and sprinkles." 

AND there's a magic chocolate wand and a set of Harry Potter glasses on top for you to take home with you.

Booking flight to Bristol right now.