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Instagram Users Shocked To FInd Out New Poll Feature Isn't Anonymous

Instagram rolled out a new feature this week that allows users to ask their followers a question via Instagram Stories and receive responses. 

Once it's published, anyone who views the story can vote and see the real-time results. 

Participants can't see the usernames of the other voters. However, the person who created the poll can. Unfortunately, many people didn't find out until it was too late. 

Naturally, they then jumped on another social media platform (Twitter) to discuss it.

"Just want to say that I didn't know IG polls were interactive last night and I accidentally clicked a couple pretty mean no's and am sorry," one person tweeted. 

Another wrote, "Today I voted in a guy's Instagram story. He asked if he inspired me to 'create my dreams' and I said no. He blocked me on Instagram." 

Meanwhile, some users seemed to be thrilled with their newfound power. 

"I'm never gonna go past a poll on someone's Instagram story without voting," one user declared. "Obviously you should get your nose pierced, Jane."