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"Sexy Mannequin", Betty Go-Slow, Slows Some Drivers & Distracts Others

Paging Kim Cattrall! In Herefordshire, England, Julia Askew has gotten so fed up with people breaking the speed limit that she's taken to placing a “sexy mannequin” named Betty Go-Slow on the side of the road in an attempt to slow them down. 

Betty holds a sign that says, “Please stick to 30 [mph],” but some locals think the mannequin, whom Askew often dresses in revealing outfits, might do more harm than good. 

“You’d have thought if the average bloke sees a sexy woman by the road, it might be a bit distracting,” Ian Hoge tells The Telegraph, while another driver adds, “We all want people to slow, but I’m not sure a mannequin in a cocktail dress is the answer.”