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These Beautiful Dogs Are Comforting Las Vegas Mass Shooting Survivors

It's been five days since the mass shooting in Las Vegas happened. Concertgoers are still recovering in hospitals, but a special group has come to keep patient's company through this difficult time.  

Michael Caster was shot and injured while attending the Route 91 Harvest music festival and has yet to regain feeling in his legs. Caster said a bullet hit him in the back and struck his spine. 

He is facing a long road to recovery which will include rehabilitation and a trip back home to California, but on Thursday there was one special friend that brought a lot of comfort to Michael.

This special friend is named Lois from LLC K-9 Comfort Dogs, an organization that dispatches dogs to help after tragediess, she is a golden retriever who can be seen below propped up on Caster’s hospital bed.

“You kind of look to the dog for some clarity,” he explained. "Your mind's totally on what you need to do going forward and the tragic nature of this event. And they bring the dog there and they’re so innocent."