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WATCH: CoverGirl Replaces Its "Easy, Breezy, Beautiful" Slogan

CoverGirl has gotten rid of its longtime slogan "Easy, breezy, beautiful CoverGirl" and replaced it with "CoverGirl: I am what I make up." 

The beauty brand says it hopes its rebranding will change the way that people think of makeup.

"It aims to inspire people to embrace their unique identities and unapologetically create any version of themselves through makeup," CoverGirl said in a statement. 

"This is bigger than a new campaign or a tagline. We hope to spark a provocative dialogue that shifts cultural assumptions about when, where, how, and why people wear makeup." 

The company also plans on reinventing its packaging, product, design and overall tone.

#IAmWhatIMakeUp celebrates your power to create who you are and discover who you want to be. 💁We believe make up is a tool and a toy and we're here to play and slay all day, everyday. 💄We have lots more coming for you so stay tuned COVERGIRLS!

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