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Insta Starlet "Accidentally" Live Streams Herself Having Sex With Boyfriend

Last pic in this outfit lol - what should my next YouTube video be about? I'm thinking about doing my "interesting" journey to Vancouver😂

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An Instagram star accidentally live streamed herself having sex with her boyfriend to 14,000 of her followers. 

 The live stream which only picked up audio because the mobile phone was faced down lasted for around three minutes.

It was then posted on her Instagram story, where 14,000 of her 3.9 million followers were listening. 

After she realized her mistake, the 18-year-old woman from Los Angeles immediately took the post down.

It’s literally been 1 and a half years w this girl❤️I can honestly say we’ve been through it all and everyday I always tell you how beautiful you are, we got our own apartment at 16, moved countries at 17 and now have our own house🔥💜... we’ve done so much and I want you to be the person I experience my life with;) I love you babe... Happy Anniversary💜 @kristenhancher

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