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Thousands Join #WomenBoycottTwitter In Support Of Rose McGowan

Thousands of people are calling for a boycott of Twitter in solidarity with actress Rose McGowan, whose account was temporarily suspended as she used it to advocate against sexual assault. 

The Los Angeles Times reports that supporters are using the hashtag #WomenBoycottTwitter to encourage a 24-hour boycott that began Friday at midnight, in protest of women’s voices being silenced. 

On Thursday, McGowan took to Instagram to share a notice from Twitter informing her she'd been suspended from the platform for 12 hours. 

Twitter clarified to The New York Times that "her account was temporarily locked because one of her tweets included a private phone number," and that after the tweet was deleted, she regained full functionality. 

When McGowan returned to the platform, she confirmed she was raped by Harvey Weinstein in 1997 and slammed Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos for making a deal to bail out The Weinstein Company.