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WATCH: Bearded Bartender's Jeopardy Win Streak Ends With Losing By Only $51

The reign of Austin Rogers, the bearded New York City bartender whose entertaining antics made him a fan favorite on Jeopardy this month, has come to an end. 

On Thursday's episode, Rogers lost by a mere $51 to stay-at-home mom Scarlett Sims of Tennessee, who racked up $33,201 after the final question compared to Rogers' $33,150. 

Don't feel bad for Rogers, though: His 12-game winning streak netted him a total of $411,000, making him the fifth-best regular-season winner of all time. 

Plus, he'll be back for the Jeopardy tournament on champions on November 6.

"I set myself out to win one game. I had no idea I'd be this wildly successful," Rogers says. "I had no idea I'd find it, honestly, this easy."