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New Kickstarter Campaign Is Basically A Fitbit For Your Pup

A new Kickstarter campaign for the Waggit collar is like a Fitbit for your dog. The collar, along with the app will let you know if your dog isn’t feeling well or is injured.

Waggit uses location, activity and health tracking to give you an idea on your best friend's well-being. The collar tracks the dog’s temperature, heart rate, and breathing rate.

It will also keep track of a dog’s sleep, activity and even positioning. So if your dog is avoiding lying on a specific side, it could be because he or she is in pain.

If your dog is also sleeping more than normal, or not sleeping throughout the night, the app can alert you.

The Kickstarter’s goal is $100,000, with $85,000 being raised so far. Anyone who pledges $189 will get the Waggit collar which is 33% off its retail price of $279.