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House Of Cards HALTS Production Until Further Notice Amid Spacey Scandal

Netflix has halted production on House of Cards as the show’s co-producer and co-star, Kevin Spacey, faces accusations that he sexually assaulted Star Trek: Discovery cast member Anthony Rapp when the latter was 14. 

In apologizing for his "deeply inappropriate drunken bahavior," Spacey simultaneously came out as a gay man. 

This “deflection” has been roundly criticized by activists and celebrities alike, including Spacey's gay Margin Call co-star Zachary Quinto. 

As word of Spacey's scandal spread, Netflix announced that House of Cards' sixth season would be its last. 

Now the streaming service tells Deadline it will "review the current situation" and "address any concerns of our cast and crew" before deciding when--or whether--to resume production.