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WATCH: Millie Bobby Brown Raps Season One 'Stranger Things' Recap On Fallon

Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown returned to The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Halloween night where she delivered an awesome rap recap of season one. 

"I have to do a recap of Season One so people can watch Season Two and know what they're talking about," Brown told Fallon before the band started the beat. 

"Let's go back to Indiana, circa Nineteen Eighty-Three/ Just four boys in the basement chillin' playin' D&D/ There was Lucas there was Willy Will and Dustin, there was Mike/ But one night Will goes missing while he’s riding on his bike – yikes," Brown raps. 

It's safe to say Millie can do it all!

Last year after the first Stranger Things was released Fallon had the cast on his show where Millie Bobby Brown showed off her rapping skills on Nicki Minaj's verse from Monster.