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Hershey's Chocolate Just Dropped Their First Hershey's Bar Since 1995

Hershey's first new candy bar in more than two decades is set to hit shelves on December 1st… it’s called Hershey's Gold.

It’s described as a caramelized cream bar embedded with salty peanut and pretzel bits. 

Hershey's Gold will be the fourth flavor for the brand and the first new one since Hershey's Cookies 'n' Creme was introduced in 1995.

The original milk chocolate Hershey's bar was released in 1900 and was followed up by the dark chocolate Special Dark variety in 1939.

HERSHEY’S fourth flavor, GOLD, was just announced on the @todayshow #TasteTheGold #ImHershey #behindthescenes

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Our team is hosting a party for @teamusa athletes and sponsors to continue the celebration, featuring our newest product, HERSHEY'S GOLD. #TasteTheGold #100daysout #HersheyLife #TeamUSAFest

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