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This New Diamond Cappuccino Is SO Gorgeous You May Not Want To Drink It!

This new Diamond Cappuccino from Coffee by Di Bella put the Unicorn Frappuccino to SHAME! 

If you haven't heard of Coffee by Di Bella it's because it's an Australian coffee company. It was founded in 2002  by Philip Di Bella in Brisbane, Australia. His mission was simple; to provide his customers with products, tools, and the knowledge to make a perfect cup of coffee, each time and every time.

They have far exceeded this mission with this perfect Diamond Cappuccino that includes the classic cappuccino taste but with added edible glitter.

A Di Bella customer took to Instagram to describe the cup of coffee and had nothing but good things to say, "While the glitter does give the coffee a creamier texture, it leaves you with a shiny lip gloss too."

If you want to know more about this coffee company can check out Coffee by Di Bella's website here!