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Man Texts Random Numbers To Break Up With Total Strangers & It's HILARIOUS!

A man is texting random people to send them break-up messages and then shares the responses on Twitter.

 The man said sending break-up messages to random numbers has become his new hobby.

One person apparently took his message seriously and at first called him a “loser” for breaking up with them over text.

When the man asked if he could come over, the person replied “Of course,” after which he asked for their address.

The person replied by sending him to San Francisco’s Church Of Scientology building. 

Most people who received the man’s texts were prompt to point out he had the wrong number, but seemed convinced he was actually trying to break up with someone and not just playing a prank on them.

Someone called him out by saying this was “kind of a sh-tty way to break up with someone,” while another person pointed out they weren't currently dating anyone.

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