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'Star Wars'-Themed Bar To Open In Three US Cities This Month & We're PUMPED

NY. DC. LA. You are about to feel the power of The Darkside Bar. #cometothedarkside #cometothedatksidebar #nyladc

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A “Star Wars"-themed bar is coming to Los Angeles, Washington DC and New York City.

The Dark Side Bar is an unofficial pop-up establishment featuring “Star Wars”-themed drinks. 

The six custom drinks include "Red Force," "Mindtrick," and "Galaxy" rimmed with black sugar or chilled by dry ice and LED-lit ice cubes.

This is “The Galaxy” one of our original six super crafted cocktails. The recipe was shared with us from from one of the emperor’s personal assistants who said he drank it often... it smokes, literally this little bastard is filled with darkness. It includes black vodka, exotic fruit extracts, Spirited essence and some secret liquors. thedarksidebar #ny #la #dc #cometothedarksidebar #feelthepowerofthedarksidebar ##spacenerds #villians #starwars #starwarsbar #popupbar #celebratesiths #thedarkside

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Want to come to @thedarksidebar for free!? We’re giving away 40 FREE tickets for Each city starting today until December 1st. Here is how you can win. Like us on Facebook/thedarksidebars follow us on instagram @thedarsidebar comment on this post and tag five friends, ask them to do the same and tag us. The people whom have gotten us the most tags/likes and follows each week will win a pair of tickets to the Darkside bar in their city! We will pick and announce 10 winners each week starting Friday the 17th. Start now!

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Got your tickets yet? THE IMPERIAL. Looking to awaken the forces inside you? This blend of spices and rum, maple extract, citrus juice, and cayenne will lure your darkest passions. When the flame is lit, you’ll realize the truth, that although the force flows through us all, only the darkest corners burn so bright. #thedarksidebar #theforce #theimperial #nyc #la #dc #starwars #darth #spacenerds #thedarkside

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#thedarkside #thedarksidebar #darksidecocktail this is what the darkside cocktail looks like. Now it’s almost time to come TASTE THE DARKSIDE #tastethedarkside #cometothedarksidebar #visitthedarkside #getdark

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