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WATCH: Chance The Rapper Longs For Obama With '90s-Inspired Slow Jam On SNL

This weekend's episode of Saturday Night Live featured host Chance the Rapper, Kenan Thompson and Chris Redd performing a '90s-inspired R&B ballad about former President Barack Obama. 

The trio lamented Obama's departure from the White House as a montage showed photos of him enjoying retirement. 

"I see you hang-gliding, living your life / Dropping your daughter off at college with your wife," they crooned. "And ya'll look so damn happy and you deserve it, yeah / But I'm a selfish man...Come back, Barack." 

The episode also featured a hilarious sketch in which a sports reporter who covers basketball (played by Chance) had to cover for a hockey reporter and bluff his way through the segment. 

Watch more of Chance The Rapper on SNL below!