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You Will Never Believe What Oxford Dictionary's Word Of The Year Is chose "complicit" as its 2017 word of the year, while Merriam-Webster went with "feminism." 

Now the Oxford Dictionary has announced that its word of the year for 2017 is...youthquake?! 

"It has a very neat symmetry. It originally referred to changes in fashion caused by baby boomers coming of age. Now we're seeing it emerge in an electoral politics context as millennials displace the baby boomers," explains Katherine Connor Martin, the head of Oxford's new words program. 

Meanwhile, Oxford's president of dictionaries Casper Grathwohl admits, "It's not an obvious choice," but claims the use of "youthquake" in everyday speech increased fivefold in 2017. 

"Antifa" and, uh, "broflake" were also top contenders.