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WATCH: Toddler Adorably Reacts To Getting Banana For Christmas

A toddler from Henderson, Nevada, has gone viral thanks to his over-the-top reaction to receiving a banana on Christmas. 

In a video posted by the boy’s uncle Dustin Griffie, 2-and-a-half-year-old Mason is seen tearing off wrapping paper and opening a box to reveal the browning fruit. 

"This my box," he says excitedly. Upon seeing what was inside, the little boy proudly shows the banana to his family, noting, “Banana. Banana. I got banana. I'm going to take it home!" 

"I gave my nephew a banana for Christmas," Griffie wrote alongside the clip on Twitter. "I had avocado levels of success." 

The avocado quip is in reference to an older viral video of a little boy receiving a wrapped avocado and responding with a simple "Thanks.” 

Mason's reaction has received nearly 376,000 retweets and close to one million likes.