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'Lucky Charms Frosted Flakes' Cereal Exists & Here's Everything We Know

A new cereal... Lucky Charms Frosted Flakes!

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On January 3rd General Mills launched a new 'Lucky Charms' cereal which includes frosted flakes. 

At first glance, you would think this is a Kellogg's General Mills collab, but it is anything but. General Mills was able to roll out with their own version of the sweetened corn flakes because the words 'Frosted Flakes' were never trademarked.

Cereal lovers are will still be getting Lucky Charms, a leprechaun-themed cereal featuring multi-colored marshmallows, and glazed corn flakes for the closest thing to a mashup of the two brands.

The 'Lucky Charms Frosted Flakes' flavor is one of the three new kinds of cereal General Mills has released this year. 

Our three newest cereals will start appearing on store shelves across the U.S. this month! #cereal

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Still got your Cereal Pants on? Because General Mills also dropped new Lucky Charms Frosted Flakes all over our faces today. The cereal combines Lucky Charm marshmallows with frosted corn flakes and a hint of tiger’s blood, because they absolutely EVISCERATED Tony the Tiger when they made this cereal. Apparently “Frosted Flakes” is too generic a term to be trademarked. 😅 General Mills even went with a blue box and white font, just like Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes. It really does seem like a big bowl of 🖕 aimed at Kellogg’s, but what do I know? (Nothing.)

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