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The ‘Scrunchie’ Is Making A Comeback & You Won't Believe How Much Some Cost

Say “welcome back” to one of women’s favorite ’80s’ accessories… the ‘scrunchie’ hair tie.

Scrunchies are on the verge of a possible full comeback.

Urban Outfitters has display racks dedicated to the scrunchie — offered in materials spanning from velvet to satin. Some other clothing line brands are offering scrunchies for up to $200!

There’s even a luxury scrunchie brand. Comfort Objects repurposes vintage Hermès scarves and converts them into scrunchies for $112. The founder of the brand says she has renamed the scrunchie. She prefers the term “hair cloud.”

One woman says she loves scrunchies because she can coordinate them with outfits. She also says they don’t damage her hair like regular hair bands do.