Woman Gave Her Sister Tinder Dates For Christmas

If you think you're in the running for the Best Sister Ever title, you've got some stiff competition in Chicago's Megan Steffen. Trying to save money on Christmas presents, Megan might have given her sis the best gift ever - love. 

She set up a Tinder profile for her sister Emily, writing in it: 

"This Tinder is actually run by Emily's sister, Megan. I'm a cheapskate, so for Christmas, I'm getting my sister a Tinder date 🎅🏽. I'm looking for a brother-in-law, y'all, so NO HOOK UPS!!

Em is [a] great gal with an alright personality, loves photography, and is a killer barista. Her best quality is being my sister. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY!"

Meg wound up getting 85 matches and interviewed 39 of them. From there, she created a PowerPoint presentation that explained why each guy was boyfriend material. 

Emily narrowed it down to one, Jack, who Meg liked because he is a Harry Potter fan, he has a cute dog and he's very sweet. 

Jack now has Emily's number but they haven't gone out yet. 

Meanwhile, along with finding her sister a man, she also might have found herself a new business. 

People have been tweeting at her asking her to work her Tinder magic and get them a significant other, while others are just asking her to adopt them. 

Clearly creative wording and humor work on Tinder. Stay up to date with Emily and Meg here

Photo Credit: Getty