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These Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Wedding Dolls Look Nothing Like Them

An American artist has unveiled two dolls in honor of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Unfortunately, they look nothing like the royal or the actress. 

Shirley Corsey is selling her 18-inch "royal wedding" dolls on Etsy for $181. But for some reason, the Harry doll has brown eyes and brown hair instead of blue eyes and red hair. Meanwhile, the Markle doll's only resemblance to the bride-to-be is that she has brown hair. 

Corsey seems oblivious to the fact that her dolls bare no resemblance to the couple. "I look for current event 'trends' regarding what I feel Etsy shoppers will be looking for," she writes. 

"Therefore I created and just launched for 2018, my 'Royal Dolls - Prince Harry and Meghan Markle' inspired creations based on what will be one of the most exciting 2018 weddings for the UK and America."