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Donut Shop Sells Edible Tide Pod Donuts So You Won't Have To Eat Real Ones

Stop eating laundry detergent! Laundry Detergent = Not Food Donuts = Food We will even fill them for you. With FOOD. Not laundry detergent. In the case tonight and tomorrow!

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A Frisco, Texas donut shop is taking advantage of the social media craze called the 'Tide Pod challenge', by selling edible Tide Pod donuts.

Hurts Donut is urging people to stop eating laundry detergent and to eat donuts instead

The donuts are frosted to look like the Tide Pods and are even filled with sprinkles to mimic the powdered detergent inside of the actual pods. 

The "challenge" is dangerous. Tide Pods can cause vomiting, throat burns, and eye injuries for starters.

I thought this would clear up any confusion there might have been but now adults are throwing donuts in the washer.

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