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Taylor Swift Went Above & Beyond For Fans On Their Wedding Day

Meet Alexas Gonzales and Brittany Lewis, two Texas women who fell in love in high school and got married this month after spending years battling people who didn't want them to be in a relationship. 

Both are Taylor Swift fans and consider the pop star's ballad "Love Story" to be their official song. 

"Our families didn’t really want us to be together for years, but we were just so in love with each other that we pushed through," Gonzales tells BuzzFeed. "The lyrics gave us hope that we’d make it through the hard times and end up together!" 

Swift apparently caught wind of the couple's tale and sent them a bouquet and a sweet note on their wedding day. 

"Alexas and Brittany, you have no idea how honored I am that 'Love Story' has been such a big part of your beautiful love story. I'm absolutely thrilled that Lexi said YES!" she wrote. "Have the most magical wedding day, and hopefully I can meet you both soon! Love, Taylor." 

Understandably, Gonzales and Lewis were thrilled to hear from the singer. "We couldn't believe it! I started crying and Brittany screamed at the top of her lungs." Gonzales admits.