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Mike Shinoda Releases Surprise EP & Reveals Linkin Park Will Continue

Linkin Park vocalist Mike Shinoda said he has every intention of continuing with the band, six months after co-vocalist Chester Bennington died.

Shinoda tweeted yesterday afternoon, "I have every intention on continuing with LP, and the guys feel the same. We have a lot of rebuilding to do, and questions to answer, so it'll take time."

He didn’t say when Linkin Park would work on new music or when they plan on going on tour.

Bennington was found dead in his home on July 20th after he had committed suicide.

Shinoda also released a three song EP yesterday called, “Post Traumatic.” The songs deal directly with Bennington’s death and Shinoda’s anxiety over figuring out what to do next.

The songs are called, “Place To Start”, “Over Again” and “Watching As I Fall.” Shinoda said the music is not Linkin Park, just songs that he wrote and produced.

He shared all three songs on YouTube.