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WATCH: Lindsay Lohan Re-Enacts Her Eight Favorite "Mean Girls" Quotes

In a new video for W magazine, Lindsay Lohan recites her eight favorite lines from the beloved 2004 movie Mean Girls

The 31-year-old actress giggles as she delivers fan favorites like "On Wednesdays, we wear pink" and "You smell like a baby prostitute." 

Her top choice is revealed to be "Grool." Lohan has some trouble, however, delivering the line, "We only carry sizes one, three and five, you could try Sears." Pausing, she observes, "That's so mean. Could we say something other than Sears? What's funnier?" 

When someone off camera tells Lohan that the line from the movie says "Sears," she jokingly replies, "Oh, damn you, Tina Fey!"